German Rock Music

The German rock music scene has had some of the world’s greatest rock and roll bands start out there but they never had many of their own German rock music bands until sometime in the late sixties. The German people did listen to many of the rock bands from other countries when many of the American rock and roll albums started arriving in Germany in the late fifties but Germany never had their own bands, at least that anyone had heard of at the time. When actually German rock music began to appear it was quite a bit different than any of the other rock and roll bands out there. The sound of this music was similar to other rock bands but they added an electronic presence to the music, this form of music was called krautrock, which was labeled by the English who were big fans of this new and unique form of rock. Some of the bands that were considered krautrock in the sixties and seventies were bands that became quite popular and still are to this day, some you may have heard of are Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. These bands paved the way for the modern day industrial and techno music styles in recent years.

One of the greatest German rock music bands is also one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, The Scorpions. The Scorpions was formed by Rudolf Schenker in 1965 who was just a post war kid growing up in Germany when American rock and roll was first introduced there via the military radio for the United States military bases. Klaus Meine and Michael Schenker soon joined the Scorpions in 1970 and they released their first real album in 1972, it was to go down in rock history and put German rock music on the world map. Michael Schenker ended up leaving to play with a British band called UFO. Later Michael Schenker would have his own band called The Michael Schenker Group, who are another famous German rock band just known as MSG to their following of fans. In modern times there are some other well known German bands that are more metal and industrial; bands like Rammstein have become very mainstream worldwide, which is rare since all of the lyrics are exclusively German.