Greek Rock Music

Rock music was becoming popular worldwide as British and American rock bands became huge successes in the fifties and sixties. Some countries, due to government rules and regulations were a little behind on this rock and roll movement. Rock and roll made its way into Greece in the late sixties when they were able to start buying imported rock albums. Once rock and roll entered Greek society many musicians throughout Greece started forming their own Greek rock music bands. In the mid seventies though shortly after Greek rock music was gaining popularity throughout the country, the military dictatorship of Greece crumbled and the country was a mess. People were pushed into listening to strictly traditional Greek music and this caused problems in the popularity of the Greek rock music scene that had just begun gaining ground. This only lasted a few years and soon many Greek rock bands started re appearing and many new rock bands were formed which helped this resurgence of rock and roll in the late seventies.

Greek rock music has been going strong since the resurgence of the late seventies and there are many rock and roll bands throughout Greece now. There are also many bands throughout Greece that were greatly influenced by this classic Greek rock music but have branched out and done their own thing. There were numerous new wave and punk band in Greece throughout the eighties and nineties and to this day there still are. Heavy metal has also become quite popular in Greece, as it is throughout the majority of Europe. There were never many international superstar rock bands that were actually from Greece, many of their bands remained within Greece and other parts of Europe, but never really became popular in America. There are many popular rock bands out there though with members of Greek descent.