Irish Rock Music

Rock and roll became popular in Ireland in the sixties; around the time when the British Rock Invasion was sweeping the United States it was also becoming extremely popular in Ireland. The actual Irish rock music of these times though mainly consisted of Irish rock bands doing covers of many of the British and American hits that they heard on their radios and bought albums of. Playing in one of these Irish cover bands was a musician named Van Morrison. Van Morrison played in a successful Irish rock music band that went by the name of “Them”. After the breakup of the band Van Morrison went on to become an international success and he put Irish rock music on the map. Van Morrison is still performing and putting out albums to this day, and he has quite a loyal following. Another one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time came from Ireland as well; he was a musician by the name of Rory Gallagher.

The above mentioned musicians were some of the first pioneers of Irish rock music and they paved the way for some of the superstar rock bands that were going to be coming out of Ireland from the seventies on. Another huge success for Irish rock music was the band Thin Lizzy and they became renowned worldwide. Thin Lizzy are a timeless Irish rock band and many of their songs from the seventies and early eighties are still heard on the radio today, especially the very well known songs- “The Boys are Back in Town” and “Jailbreak”.  One of the biggest and most influential rock groups to ever come out of Ireland is the superstar rock band U2, who have received numerous awards and been at the forefront of modern rock music for two decades now. There are many bands out there now that fuses traditional Celtic music with popular styles such as rock and punk rock. Some notable bands that play these styles are the Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphy’s (from Boston) and Celtic rock bands Seven Nations and Black 47. Another great band that plays a fusion of traditional Irish music mixed with rock and punk is a band called Flogging Molly, who are based out of California but their singer is from Ireland.