Southern Rock Music

The rock music charts is a system designed to keep track of the top selling rock albums in the United States, but there are also rock music charts to show world wide statistics on the sales of rock albums. Many different magazines have music charts for all types of music and there are even rock music charts for unsigned bands that can be found on the internet. Some music charts also take into account radio requests of songs and this will help show popularity of a bands single release. Store sales of music have gone down drastically in recent years with many people buying their music online and putting the songs right into their mp3 players, this is why it is essential for the music charts to account for online record sales.

The very first rock and roll song to make it onto any music charts was Bill Haley’s song titled “Rock Around the Clock”. This was a big moment in history since at the time rock and roll was still a new music, and to many parents they looked at rock and roll as noise, or to some the music of the devil. As rock and roll became more popular it began to have its own rock music charts, which focused on rock and not all of the other styles of popular music at the time, like Motown, which was just beginning in the motor city of Detroit. Many different styles or rock and roll have dominated the rock music charts in the different periods from the charts beginnings to modern time. There were years where southern rock dominated and then it was a lot of the new wave and punk bands. Eventually the eighties arrived and many of the rock/metal bands were dominating until the alternative music craze started in the 90’s, and the grunge scene dominated the charts throughout the 90’s. In the modern day and age many of the rock charts are dominated by pop/punk bands and alternative bands, but many seventies inspired bands have been on the rise.