Rock and Roll Music

Rock and roll music has a certain feel to it, but what creates this feeling? Well, it is a combination of the rhythm, instruments, vocals, and attitude. All of these elements blend together to create the rock and roll music people love. Some of these elements have been enhanced since the creation of rock and roll music through a natural evolution.

Rock and roll music began as a melting of the rhythm and blues and country western genres of the 1940s. The beat of rock and roll music comes mainly from a rhythm and blues boogie beat. The difference is made by the addition of an accented backbeat. This backbeat is one of the essential elements of rock and roll music.

The instruments that create rock and roll music have changed around since the development of the genre. As rock and roll music began to split into different types of rock music, they added different instruments. However, the normal instrument line up includes one or two electric guitars, a bass guitar, and a drum kit. Keyboards and other instruments have been added from time to time as well.

Vocals associated with rock and roll music are varied. Most rock and roll singers have a unique style as apposed to pop music which can sound alike. Vocals are also where the attitude comes in. Many lead singers have created the fame for their rock and roll bands. This was the case with Ozzy Osborne, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger who are all still famous today.

The technical definition of rock and roll music isn't important. For true fans, rock and roll music can not be defined. It is in the musicians and it comes out before the music even begins. It isn't in the way the musician plays but in the way the musician lives and breathes.