Russian Rock Music

Rock music has been a very popular form of music worldwide for many decades now, and every country in the civilized world has their unique styles and bands. Russian rock music first started out in the late sixties and were heavily influenced by American and European rock acts. In Russia at the time though there were many government restrictions on the people and they and no real venues for Russian rock bands to perform, so many would just play in their homes. Many of these Russian rock music bands first discovered rock and roll through albums that were smuggled into the country. Some of the artists that influenced Russian rock music are bands such as the Beatles, Elton John, and Deep Purple. During the late sixties is when many Russian rock bands started to gain popularity among the growing rock and roll underground.

It was during the eighties when Russian rock music gained even more popularity and several rock clubs opened up in some of the bigger cities, especially Moscow. Finally many of the Russian rock music bands had places to play, and this is what helped grow the popularity or rock and roll even more. Many bands starting playing new styles and this continued as Western music was so popular. Eventually the Russian bands started playing their own styles and stooped trying to sound like Western bands. Many of these Russian rock bands wrote about the depressed state of Russia and the social and economic hardships that they had to deal with on a daily basis. Now Russia has thousands of different bands among all styles of music, and some of them are becoming known around the world due to internet technologies. Russia now has thousands of music clubs that cater to everything and music is more popular than ever in Russia.